Project Description

Yamaha Air-Jam Off

Digital campaign featuring a microsite to elevate brand awareness and increase footfall for Yamaha retail outlets in Singapore.

A virtual gathering of virtuosos young and old, both aspiring and established.

Lyrical poets and modern expressionists show off their air-jamming moves in 15-second clips uploaded to a microsite for Yamaha Singapore.

The event was part of a year-end campaign to increase brand presence and to increase both online and offline sales of Yamaha Music products by creating user generated videos from anywhere and at mini air-jamming competitions in various malls that contained Yamaha retail outlets. Through multiple possibilities to showcase their air-jamming skills, participants could have the freedom to choose wherever they felt most comfortable recording themselves jamming with an imaginary musical instrument of their choice. Participants would be able to submit their particulars, upload and encourage voting for their uploaded videos by sharing on social media in order to win Yamaha prizes.

Whether it was air jamming to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Travis Barker, or Stevie Wonder, the microsite was conceptualized as a place where people could freely express their musical creativity online.