Project Description

Deus Ex Machina Customs

Concept app design for a motorcycle and surf culture, complementing a unique visual style with animations and micro-interactions.

Designed a concept mobile app user interface for Deus Ex Machina Customs, a well-known Australian-originated motorcycle and surf culture company based in Sydney.

I challenged myself to design the user interface for the app, with a design language to parallel their established identity.With a focus towards a younger target audience, I experimented with micro-interactions and animations to highlight the excellent detail and craftsmanship put into their main showpieces– custom motorcycles.

The user experience was additionally improved by simplifying the navigation between pages in a particular subcategory defined in the main menu. This is done by adding a yellow highlight bar near the top of the active page that indicates the approximate page the user is on. The user would be able to swipe left/right between different pages in the subcategory.

A number of features were implemented to promote app usage and interaction:
• User information Menu
• Saved article page for quick reference
• In-app forms for seamless registration to organized events